Deal Piranha is the must-have mobile phone app to round out your advertising and marketing strategy. If you've spent just one dollar on radio, TV, or press advertising, then sync that spend with Deal Piranha.

It's fast and easy because you don't need to design any new ads or offers. Deal Piranha takes what you already have, even gives you a portal to access and update your own merchant profile, ads, and offers, or does it all for you if you don't have time.

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Want the best places near you for shopping, eating, or entertainment? Download the Deal Piranha app, the most convenient way to find and share offers, info, and deals on everything local - from pizza to professional services.

Because Deal Piranha is location-based, you can find out how far away merchants are, the best way to get there, all merchant contact info, along with their latest ads and offers.

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Mobile apps are becoming an essential part of every advertiser's strategy as they seek to use social media and apps to drive more traffic to their store or restaurant.

 Deal Piranha is the one location-based app that can be immediately integrated into your ad product suite, maximizing existing content and inventory with almost zero effort and investment on your side.

You can be up "live", within days of calling us, with a cost-effective, location-based, mobile strategy that your sales team can easily present and sell.

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